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 Frequently Asked Questions
1. I just purchased a new vehicle which is more expensive, yet the insurance premium is less. Why?
-Each vehicle is assigned a rate group for physical damage. Click the link bellow  the IBC which explains about vehicle rate groups. CLEAR Rate Groups
2. I was in an accident where i was not at fault. Why do i have to pay my deductible?
-Until the other persons insurance company accepts responsibility, then you have to pay your deductible. As they have the right to investigate the claim for their client, it may take a while before they accept full responsibility. Once they do, your deductible will be reimbursed.
3. I swerved to avoid a deer, hit the ditch causing damage to my vehicle. Will my rates go up?
-Yes. As you did not hit the deer, hitting the ditch is considered a collision claim. Click the link bellow  for tips and suggestions regarding wildlife. Wildlife Collision Prevention Program
4. My insurance premium went up even though i have not had any claims and my car is older. Why?
-There are various factors in what determines your premiums. The vehicle may be older, but will probably still cost the same or more to repair. See the link in question 1 for an explanation to vehicle rate groups. Although you may not have had an accident, many others have. As the costs of claims and lawsuits increase, rates increase accordingly. 
5. What happens if i let someone use my vehicle and they are in an accident?
-You can give permission to anyone to use your vehicle as long as they are not a resident in your home, or regularly drive your vehicle. If they are in an accident, and found at fault, then your insurance will increase, as it is your policy paying out the claim.
6. Why do i have to give information on people that i live with that have a drivers license?
-Because they have access to your vehicle, and can drive, then we need to notify the insurance company with their information. Your insurance company may want to add them as a driver, exclude them as a driver, or simply just document the file.
7. My son / daughter is starting to drive. When should i add them to my auto policy?
-If the child only has a learners permit, then they do not need to be added to your policy. As soon as they obtain their drivers license, then they should be added, as it starts to build their insurance history.
8. Does the color of the vehicle affect the insurance premium?
-No. In fact, we do not ask for the color of the vehicle.
9. Will my insurance premiums increase if i have a comprehensive claim?
-No. However, if you do have multiple comprehensive claims, then the insurance company may choose to increase your deductible, or delete physical damage coverage on your vehicle.
10. I just finished paying off my vehicle. Do i have to notify my broker?
-Yes. On your policy, we list the company you are leasing or financing the vehicle with. Once it is paid off, we need to remove them off your policy. If they are on the policy and have a claim, it is possible that the cheque will be made out to the finance company, and yourself.